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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Down to - 86 °C

Panasonic ultralow-freezers connect innovation with outstanding performance and reliability. The unique design is ideally suited for the automatic constant of a stable inside temperature, improved by an efficient cooling technology and advanced equipment. Panasonic designs and builds its ultra-low cryosystems with one target: max. cost-efficiency for modern laboratories accompanied by high reliability and performance. The capacity of the devices reaches from economic to major items of equipment.
  • Cooling performance - 86 °C at + 35 °C ambient temperature.
  • Extremely quiet running noise (49 db).
  • Non-flammable and nontoxic cooling agent.
  • Optimal protection against freezing due to insulated and sealed inner doors.
  • Simple maintenance: easy control and cleaning of wear-free and washable air cleaner without unscrewing of housing parts.
  • Serial security - battery-supported alarm functions (optical and acoustical): temperature-, door-, power failure- and filter alarm, remote alarm output.
(W x D x H)
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
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 MDF-U3386S CIP333750 x 875 x 1850490 x 600 x 114025515436998-Login / Registrationk
 MDF-U4186S CIP382870 x 780 x 1975620 x 515 x 120028115437000-Login / Registrationk
 MDF-U5386S CIP483890 x 875 x 1990630 x 600 x 128030515437001-Login / Registrationk
 MDF-U7386S CIP6681130 x 875 x 1990870 x 600 x 128035515437004-Login / Registrationk
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