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Heating Thermostats PRO

Heating, cooling and circulation thermostats for application-related, professional temperature control from - 100 to + 250 °C.

The PRO can be basically divided into thermostats for internal applications and thermostats for external applications. The hot and cold thermostatic baths are optimised for internal applications. The circulation thermostats are available for external applications. Quick temperature changes are therefore possible with small active volumes of liquid. All thermostats are equipped with an Ethernet and a USB interface as well as a Pt100 connection as standard. The low-temperature thermostats are available with natural refrigerants. They are also equipped with a hybrid cooling system as standard. This enables additional cooling of the refrigerating machine with water.

2 operating units are available for selection. These can be removed from the thermostat for max. flexibility:

Control unit Base
  • High contrast OLED display.
  • Menu navigation in plain text.
  • Operation via push buttons.
  • Programmer with 1 programme, 20 segments.

Control unit Command
  • Large colour touchscreen (5.7") with multi touch operation.
  • Touchscreen can be operated with gloves.
  • Programmer with 100 programmes, 50 segments.
  • Week timer.
  • Count down function.
  • Ramp function.
  • Data logging, export to USB stick.
  • Individual access rights for up to 20 users.
  • Centrifugal pump for optimised internal circulation. Adjustable in several steps.
  • Versatile arrangement of bath and operation unit.
  • Large usable bath volume.
Technical Data:
Temperature range:30 to 250 °C
Temperature stability:± 0.01 °C
Heater power:3.5 kW
Power supply:200 to 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
 TypeBath capacity
opening / depth
PUOrder No.in Stock  
P 105.5 to 10240 x 150 / 200Base15439682-Login / Registration
 P 2011 to 20300 x 290 / 200Base15439683-Login / Registration
 P 3015 to 30340 x 385 / 200Base15439684-Login / Registration
 P 10 C5.5 to 10240 x 150 / 200Command15439685-Login / Registration
 P 20 C11 to 20300 x 290 / 200Command15439686-Login / Registration
 P 30 C15 to 30340 x 385 / 200Command15439687-Login / Registration