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RDDA Winner 2013


Wesemann  LABterminal
Wesemann  LABterminal
Wesemann  LABterminal
Wesemann  LABterminal
Wesemann LABterminal
Mobile, modular, flexible.

The LABterminal is an ideal alternative and addition to classical laboratory tables. Modern labs, e. g. project laboratories in biotechnology, gain new space for the daily work. The system provides max. planning security as it can easily be adjusted at any time and offers a wide range of accessories. Thus the system is the ideal equipment for companies which need to work flexibly in specific areas or have to adapt to the customer's requirements constantly while, at the same, investing in equipment with value preservation for the long term.
  • Perfect integration of electronic devices and computer systems in everyday laboratory practice.
  • Max. flexibility.
  • Space-saving and efficient due to the possibility of vertical arrangement of several working levels.
  • Very variable thanks to easy adaption of continuously height-adjustable working levels.
  • Future-oriented due to integrated, large volume media supply (electricity, gases, data).
  • Robust, extremely stable multi-chamber aluminium profile.
  • Comfortable, ready to plug-in with integrated access lines.
  • Covered socket strips with integrated cable collection.

Equipment features:
  • Ready to plug-in with integrated access lines.
  • C-runner (model C 800): suitable for wall standing applications.
  • T-runner (model T 800): symmetrical arrangement; the LABterminal can be used from both sides, also simultaneously.
  • Version 'stationary': with base plate, for applications with fixed location.
  • Version 'mobile': due to large rolls, the LABterminal can be moved easily, also when it is loaded.

The LABterminal system provides a variety of equipment- and configuration options. Depending on device size, the system is available with widths of 900, 1200 and 1500 mm and depths of 800 and 1050 mm. Individually configurable on request.
Individual module basic package 2
  • Overall bearing capacities: 300 kg.
  • Colour: light grey RAL 7035.
  • 1 x lab working table: mobile with 4 castors with total locking device, stationary on base plate.
  • 1 x solid core working plate*: depth 800 mm, max. load: 200 kg.
  • 1 x storage level made of solid core*: depth 450 mm, max. load: 40 kg.
  • 1 x rail, rear.
  • 1 x storage level made of solid core*: depth 600 mm, max. load: 40 kg.
  • 1 x rail, circumferential.
  • 1 x electric control box DE (4 x 230 V).
  • 1 x electric control box DE (3 x 230 V, 2 x RJ45).
 TypeModelWidth of
working plate
DescriptionOrder No.PU Availability
 T 800F-R 900-BP2T 800900movable54369501Login / Registration-
 T 800F-R1200-BP2T 8001200movable54369511Login / Registration-
 T 800F-R1500-BP2T 8001500movable54369521Login / Registration-
 T 800S-R 900-BP2T 800900stationary54369531Login / Registration-
 T 800S-R1200-BP2T 8001200stationary54369541Login / Registration-
 T 800S-R1500-BP2T 8001500stationary54369551Login / Registration-
 C 800F-R 900-BP2C 800900movable54369561Login / Registration-
 C 800F-R1200-BP2C 8001200movable54369571Login / Registration-
 C 800F-R1500-BP2C 8001500movable54369581Login / Registration-
 C 800S-R 900-BP2C 800900stationary54369591Login / Registration-
 C 800S-R1200-BP2C 8001200stationary54369601Login / Registration-
 C 800S-R1500-BP2C 8001500stationary54369611Login / Registration-
* Original Trespa® Athlon®.