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Entris® Analytical- and Precision Balances

Specially designed to deliver effective and reliable weighing results in daily work. The easy and clearly structured user interface, the logical key assignment and excellent readability are ideal features for error-free operation.
  • Technology and design: made in Germany.

Easy cleaning:
The top and side sliding doors and easy-to-remove st. steel parts of the draft shield chamber make Entris® convenient for thorough cleaning.

Internal adjustment:
Each model is also available with an internal, motorised adjustment function for optimal weighing accuracy and operating convenience.

High accuracy:
The monolithic weigh cell ensures long-term high measurement accuracy and features high reliability and quality.

Basic applications:
Entris® supports daily works with integrated basic applications: animal weighing, density determination, counting, conversion and weighing in percent.

User-friendly operation:
The backlit and high-contrast display ensures excellent readability. Easy navigation with function keys and the simple-to-read level indicator on the front enable user-friendly and fast operation.

Items supplied:
Universal mains adapter, wind shield for analytical balances, round wind shield for mg balances, installation- and user manual.
Technical Data:
Levelling:glass level indicator with air bubble for centering
Calibration:external and internal calibration
Anti-theft lock:lockdown capability for cable or chain
Underfloor weighing:integrated
Interface:RS232C 25-pin
Mains supply:100 to 240 V (universal)
 TypeWeighing range
Weighing pan
CalibrationPUOrder No.in Stock  
 Entris® analytical balance 224-1S2200.10.22.5Ø 90230 x 303 x 330external15436890-Login / Registration 
 Entris® analytical balance 224i-1S2200.10.22.5Ø 90230 x 303 x 330internal15436891-Login / Registration
 Entris® analytical balance 124-1S1200.10.22.5Ø 90230 x 303 x 330external15436882-Login / Registration 
 Entris® analytical balance 124i-1S1200.10.22.5Ø 90230 x 303 x 330internal15436883-Login / Registration 
 Entris® analytical balance 64-1S600.10.22.5Ø 90230 x 303 x 330external15436906-Login / Registration 
 Entris® analytical balance 64i-1S600.10.22.5Ø 90230 x 303 x 330internal15436907-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 623-1S620121.0Ø 115230 x 303 x 136external15436904-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 623i-1S620121.0Ø 115230 x 303 x 136internal15436905-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 423-1S420121.0Ø 115230 x 303 x 136external15436898-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 423i-1S420121.0Ø 115230 x 303 x 136internal15436899-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 323-1S320121.1Ø 115230 x 303 x 136external15436894-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 323i-1S320121.1Ø 115230 x 303 x 136internal15436895-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 153-1S150121.3Ø 115230 x 303 x 136external15436884-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 153i-1S150121.3Ø 115230 x 303 x 136internal15436885-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 6202-1S620010301.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91external15436902-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 6202i-1S620010301.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91internal15436903-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 4202-1S420010301.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91external15436896-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 4202i-1S420010301.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91internal15436897-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 3202-1S320010301.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91external15436892-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 3202i-1S320010301.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91internal15436893-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 2202-1S220010301.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91external15436888-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 2202i-1S220010301.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91internal15436889-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 822-1S82010301.5Ø 150230 x 303 x 87external15436910-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 822i-1S82010301.5Ø 150230 x 303 x 87internal15436911-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 8201-1S82001003001.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91external15436908-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 8201i-1S82001003001.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91internal15436909-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 5201-1S52001003001.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91external15436900-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 5201i-1S52001003001.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91internal15436901-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 2201-1S22001003001.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91external15436886-Login / Registration 
 Entris® precision balance 2201i-1S22001003001.5180 x 180230 x 303 x 91internal15436887-Login / Registration