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X-am® 2500

Fully developed, high performance Dräger sensors in an extra small format for CO, H2S, O2, SO2 and NO2 gases enable safe use in industry, mining and in refineries. The impressive hydrogen sulphide sensor has a high resolution, so it can reliably measure even very low workplace limits. The non-consumptive and lead-free sensor for oxygen is characterised by an especially long service life of more than 5 years. The CO and H2S sensors also have this long service life expectation, so they contribute to especially low operating costs.

The Dräger X-am 2500 has Ex approval for zone 0, so it is clearly designed for very high user safety in areas subject to explosion hazard. The functional design ensures that gas can enter from above and from the side - even if the instrument is inside a pocket or if the front gas entry is accidentally covered.
  • Safe gas entry from 2 sides.
  • Practical 2 button control panel and easy menu navigation.
  • Alarm visible across 360°.
  • Robust design, water and dust resistant in acc. with IP 67.
  • Large display, all values at a glance.
  • Crocodile clip for secure attachment.
  • Dräger provides a 3 year guarantee on the Dräger X-am 2500 and these sensors.
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