Anton Paar
Abbemat 200 Refractometer

The refractometer Abbemat 200 is the ideal tool for fast and precise measurements of the refractive index for all applications. It provides the highly developed technology of the Abbemat-series for users with a limited budget. The refractometer has all the necessary functions to determine the refractive index or concentrations, is extremely simple to operate and installed in no time at all - ideal even for small laboratories without complex data processing.

The refractometer is suitable for the measurement of liquids, pastes and solids. Both turbid, coloured or non-transparent samples, as well as liquids with air bubbles do not represent a problem. Humidity, ambient temperature or vibrations do not impact the measurement result.
- Simple, user-friendly operation.
  • Membrane keys: resistant to fluids and dirt; easy to operate wearing gloves.
  • Automatic warning, if the sample volume is not sufficient for a reliable measurement.
  • No sample preparation required, measurement results within seconds.
  • Integrated Peltier temperature control (10 to 60 °C).
  • Automatic temperature correction.
  • Large number of scales is deposited, to convert the refractive index to concentration e. g.
  • Compliance with international standards as ASTM, ICUMSA, OIML, AOAC, DIN / ISO, FDA, ISI, JIS and SSDT-methods.
  • Result memory.
  • Data export to MS Excel.
  • Check of trimming and validity for every measurement.
Technical Data:
Materials in contact with sample:
Light source:
YAG, FFKM, PP GF 30, st. steel
colour LED light source, Ø lifetime > 100000 h
Min. sample volume:
589 nm
approx. 0.2 ml
Measurement time per sample:
Scales / methods:
5 s (after temperature adaption)
sugar, syrup and honey, alcohol, urine, serum, more than 30 other scales
Communication interfaces:
Mains supply:
RS232, 3 USB-Ports
100 to 240 V, alternating current + 10 % / - 15 %, 50 / 60 Hz, min. 10 W, max. 100 W, dep. on sample temperature adjustm. and ambient temperature
Dimensions (L x W x H):
300 x 145 x 330 mm
6.5 kg
Measuring range refractive index scale (RI)

1.3 to 1.72 nD
± 0.00001 nD
± 0.0001 nD
Sample- / prism temperature control via integrated solid thermostat (Peltier)
Temperature range:
Temperature probe accuracy:*
10 to 60 °C
± 0.05 °C
Temperature probe stability:*± 0.002 °C
Measuring range Brix scale
Range:0 to 100°
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* Valid under refractometric standard conditions (T= 20 °C, ë = 589 nm, ambient temperature = 23 °C).