Reaction Exchange Blocks for Thermo Shakers

 TypeForPUOrder No.in Stock 
A mixing block, with lid96 well plates, 0.2 ml15917221-Login / Registration
B mixing block, with lid54 x 0.5 ml tubes15917222-Login / Registration
C mixing block, with lid35 x 1.5 ml tubes15917223-Login / Registration
D mixing block, with lid35 x 2 ml tubes15917224-Login / Registration
E mixing block, with lid15 x 0.5 ml and 20 x 1.5 ml R-tubes15436523-Login / Registration
F mixing block24 x Ø 12 mm tubes (up to 1200 min-1)15436524-Login / Registration
G mixing block12 x 15 ml tubes (up to 750 min-1)15436525-Login / Registration
 H mixing block6 x 50 ml tubes (up to 750 min-1)15436526-Login / Registration
I mixing block, with lidwater bath (up to 300 min-1)15436527-Login / Registration
J mixing block, with lid96 well microplates15436528-Login / Registration
K mixing block24 x 5 ml reaction tubes (up to 1200 min-1)15436529-Login / Registration
L mixing block, with lid, max. 80 °C96 deepwell plates (up to 900 min-1)15436530-Login / Registration
M mixing block15 x 5.0 ml tubes (up to 1200 min-1)15439505-Login / Registration