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Accessories for BioChem VacuuCenter BVC basic, control and professional

 DescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock  
 Quick coupling for connection VHC - VTC15882977-Login / Registration
 Quick coupling and plug for connection of VHC and VTC15882975-Login / Registration
VHCpro suction handset15435356- Login / Registration
Stand for VHCpro suction handset15435357- Login / Registration
Adapter for pipette tips with tip ejector15435358- Login / Registration
BVC shuttle, mobile underframe15435359- Login / Registration
 Collection bottle, 2 l, glass, coated, with protection filter and inlet tube15438574- Login / Registration
Collection bottle, 4 l, PP, with protection filter and inlet tube15438575- Login / Registration
 VacuuTransContainer VTC (bottle with coupling and filter)15882976-Login / Registration
Adapter for eight pipette tips, with ejector (for tips size 2 to 200 μl or 5 to 300 μl)16714475- Login / Registration
Set quick coupling VHC / VHCpro for connection of a VHC to collection bottle16712615- Login / Registration
Extension kit for a second VHC / VHCpro (VHC / VHCpro not included)16357475- Login / Registration
Set quick coupling to connect a collection bottle to a pump unit BVC16356410- Login / Registration