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UltiMetal Plus Flexible Metal Ferrules

  • Make inert, leak-free connections between GC columns and Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) devices.
  • The novel, flexible design allows each ferrule to gently compress around the column, preventing column breakage or leakage.
  • Achieve better results and process more samples, without unplanned maintenance and recalibration.
  • Less analyte loss: UltiMetal Plus Flexible Metal ferrules are the only ferrules that won't introduce active sites into the flow path. Their chemical deactivation provides an inert surface for analyzing active analytes at trace levels.
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 Ferrule, flexible, inert for 0.25 mm column10310G31882750137 Login / Registration
 Ferrule, flexible, inert for 0.32 mm column10310G318827502-Login / Registration
 Ferrule, flexible, inert for 0.53 mm column10310G318827503-Login / Registration
 Ferrule, flexible, inert, without hole10310G318827504-Login / Registration
 Ferrule, flexible, inert, UM small for 0.25 to 0.32 mm UltiMetal columns10310G318827505-Login / Registration
 Ferrule, flexible, inert, UM large for 0.53 mm UliMetal columns10310G318827506-Login / Registration