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Cooling Bath Thermostats

Huber  Cooling Bath Thermostats
Huber Cooling Bath Thermostats
Cooling bath thermostats with insulated cooling baths are an economic solution for thermoregulation of objects directly in the thermostat bath. The units are therefore suitable for a number of typical heating and cooling tasks such as sample temperature control, materials testing, quality control, analyses etc. Cooling circulator operates with natural refrigerants and are therefore offer an environmentally friendly solution to temperature control. In addition, cooling circulators are fitted with automatic refrigeration capacity adjustment, reducing energy consumption and waste heat down to the absolute essential. The thermostats can also be used for externally attached applications using the pump connections at the rear.
  • Safety class III / FL (DIN 12876).
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Overtemperature and low level protection.
  • Powerful pressure / suction pump.

Thermostats with MPC® microprocessor temperature controller
  • LED temperature display.
  • Easy operation with only 3 keys.
  • LED indicators for heating, cooling and pump.
  • RS232 interface.

Thermostats with Pilot ONE® controller with Plug & Play technology
  • 5.7" touchscreen and comfortable menu navigation.
  • Programmer with calendar and clock functions.
  • RS232 interface and Pt100 connection.
  • 5-point calibration.
Technical Data:
Operating temperature range:- 25 to + 200 °C
Heating power:2.0 kW
Width bath opening:140 x 120 mm
Bath depth:150 mm
Bath volume:4.5 l
Bath dimensions (W x D x H):210 x 400 x 546 mm
 TypePump pressure max.Pump suction max.Cooling capacity at
0 / - 10 / - 20 °C
 Order No.PU Availability 
 CC®-K627 l / min, 0.7 bar25 l / min, 0.4 bar0.15 / 0.1 / 0.05Pilot ONE® controller54338761Login / Registration-
 CC®-K6s27 l / min, 0.7 bar25 l / min, 0.4 bar0.21 / 0.15 / 0.05Pilot ONE® controller54338781Login / Registration-
 MPC®-K6s20 l / min, 0.2 bar17 l / min, 0.18 bar0.21 / 0.15 / 0.05MPC® microprocessor controller54338791Login / Registration-