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Precision Balances PKT

Touchscreen laboratory balance with extensive range of functions.
  • Large touch-sensitive, backlit screen with very good contrast for easy operation and convenient reading, digit height 15", screen diagonal 4.3", W x H 91 x 54 mm.
  • Easy input of text and values using large keypad.
  • Can also be operated with gloves.
  • Clear menu structure with the keys labelled with plain text.
  • Weighing with tolerance range (checkweighing).
  • 40 memories for each mode.
  • Robust metal housing, ensures stability, protects the weighing technology elements and is robust enough to cope with everyday use.
  • Ring-shaped draft shield standard for models with weighing plate sizes Ø 160 mm.
  • Modes: weighing, counting, dispensing, recipe weighing, checkweighing, totalising with daily total, percentage determination, animal weighing, surface weight.
Technical Data:
Dimensions (W x D x H):180 x 310 x 90 mm
Permissable ambient temperature:10 / 40 °C
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
PUOrder No.in Stock  
PKT 300-33000.001Ø 10615434713-on demand
PKT 420-34200.001Ø 10615434714-on demand
PKT 3000-230000.01Ø 15015434715-on demand
PKT 4200-242000.01Ø 15015434716-on demand
PKT 12K0.05120000.05160 x 20015434717-on demand
PKT 16K0.1160000.1160 x 20015434718-on demand
PKT 24K0.1240000.1160 x 20015434719-on demand