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Precision Balances PFB

PFB low-cost model based on a concept of easy use.
  • All primary functions have their own key on the keypad.
  • Backlit LCD display, digit height 15 mm.
  • Compact size.
  • Capacity display: a bar lights up to show how much of the weighing range is still available.
  • Level indicator and foot screws to level the balance precisely, fitted as standard, to give the most accurate weighing results.
  • Models with round weighing plate incl. draft shield; removable metal cover with pipette opening; weighing space W x D x H 158 x 143 x 64 mm.
  • Models with M: verification possible.
  • Separate second display for models PFB 600-1M and PFB 6000-0M.
Technical Data:
Dimensions (W x D x H):200 x 260 x 87 mm
Net weight:approx. 2 kg
Permissable ambient temperature:5 / 35 °C
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
PUOrder No.in Stock 
PFB 120-31200.001Ø 8015434701-Login / Registration
PFB 200-32000.001Ø 8015434702-Login / Registration
PFB 300-33000.001Ø 8015434703-Login / Registration
PFB 1200-212000.01Ø 12015434704-Login / Registration
PFB 2000-220000.01Ø 12015434705-Login / Registration
PFB 3000-230000.01Ø 12015434706-Login / Registration
PFB 6K0.0560000.05155 x 14515434707-on demand
PFB 6000-160000.1155 x 14515434708-Login / Registration
PFB 600-2M6000.01Ø 12015434709-Login / Registration
PFB 600-1M6000.1Ø 12015434710-Login / Registration
PFB 6000-1M60000.1155 x 14515434711-Login / Registration
PFB 6000-0M60001155 x 14515434712-Login / Registration
For applications that require verification, please order verification at the same time, initial verification at a later date is not possible.