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Optical Oxygen Meters FireStingO2

Compact, USB-powered optical oxygen meter with 1, 2 or 4 channels for optical oxygen sensors. The FireStingO2 is a versatile oxygen meter for measurements in the laboratory with different oxygen sensors (minisensors, robust probes, sensor spots, flow-through cells, respiration vials) in water or in the gas phase, based on the unique REDFLASH detection technology.

The FireStingO2 has integrated atmospheric pressure and humidity sensors for a precise and easy sensor calibration and for automatic pressure compensation of the oxygen measurements. Further, the meter has 4 analog outputs and one channel for an external temperature sensor, allowing automatic temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement. For temperature measurements in dry or humid samples, the dipping-probe temperature sensor TDIP15 is recommended (100 mm long sensor tip submersible), for applications in water the submersible temperature sensor TSUB36 should be used.

The oxygen meter is operated via a USB-connection with a windows PC. The included user-friendly software Pyro Oxygen Logger offers comfortable calibration and logging functionalities. Several FireStingO2 meters can be operated in parallel from a single PC, so that e. g. 8-, 12- or 16-channel systems can be easily realised.
  • Sensors applicable in the gas phase and in water (dissolved oxygen).
  • 1 channel for external temperature sensor TDIP15 (for dry / humid samples) or TSUB36 (for water) for automatic temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement.
  • Integrated pressure and humidity sensors.
  • 4 analog outputs (freely configurable).
  • User-friendly software Pyro Oxygen Logger.
  • Easily expandable to multi-channel system.
  • Unique optical detection technology (REDFLASH).

Items supplied:
Meter incl. USB cable, software and transport case.
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A variety of sensors and further accessories are available on request.
Temperature sensors for optical oxygen meters FireStingO2 / PyroScience
Oxygen sensors for optical oxygen meters FireStingO2 / PyroScience