Sealing Tapes

Nunc  Sealing Tapes
Sealing tapes minimise evaporation and protect samples from contamination and spilling. Adhesive seals are ideal for all assay applications.
  • Wide range of adhesive seals for every assay.
  • Adhesive seals effectively seal all microplate formats.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive is not tacky to touch; but forms a strong bond to the plate upon application of pressure.
  • Thin, lightweight tapes seal onto the plate with a convenient, handheld applicator (please order separately).
 Material / adhesiveApplicationColourSterileTemperature range
DescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/EUR 
 Aluminium / acrylatePCR and storage in 96-well platessilverno- 80 to + 150pierceable, certified RNase- / DNase-free1005434206-73.69 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Aluminium / acrylatePCR and storage in 384-well platessilverno- 80 to + 150pierceable, certified RNase- / DNase-free1005434207-96.08 Add product to Shopping Basket
 PO / acrylatelow autofluorescence, DMSO compatible, microscopyclearno- 70 to + 100-1005434208-128.25 Add product to Shopping Basket
 PO / acrylatePCR, fluorescence assays, microscopyclearno- 70 to + 100certified RNase- / DNase-free1005434209-135.00 Add product to Shopping Basket
 PE / siliconerepeated piercing, low autofluorescenceclearno- 40 to + 90pierceable1005434210-399.38 Add product to Shopping Basket
 PO / siliconeQ-PCR, microscopy, lowest fluorescenceclearno- 70 to + 100-1005434211-392.63 Add product to Shopping Basket
 PET / acrylateopaque, luminescence assay, bottom of platewhiteno- 40 to + 80-505434213-53.33 Add product to Shopping Basket
 PET / acryliccell culture, sterile applicationsclearyes- 70 to + 100-8005434214-322.88 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Vinyl / acrylatefor plate top or bottom, photo-sensitive samplesblackno- 40 to + 80-505434216-77.40 Add product to Shopping Basket
 PET / acrylicconvenient roll dispenser, general purposesclearno- 20 to + 100certified RNase- / DNase-free10005434217-434.25 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Rayon / acrylatebreathable, cell culturewhiteyes- 20 to + 80pierceable505434218-126.00 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Rayon / acrylatebreathablewhiteno- 20 to + 80certified RNase- / DNase-free505434219-124.88 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Aluminium / siliconegeneral use, PCR, photo-sensitive samplessilverno- 80 to + 120pierceable, certified RNase- / DNase-free1005434220-140.63 Add product to Shopping Basket
-hand held applicator promotes consistent sealgold---25434221-47.25 Add product to Shopping Basket