Sensors for Portavo® 904 X Multi

Knick  Sensors for Portavo® 904 X Multi
pH sensor SE 554 Memosens:
Low-maintenance sensor for demanding process application in the chemical industry, digital, with Memosens technology, length 120 mm.

Conductivity sensor SE 604 Memosens:
Robust 2-electrode sensor, for precise and reliable measurement of low and very low conductivities, particularly in ultrapure water, digital, with Memosens technology.

Oxygen sensor SE 706 Memosens:
Sensor in robust and hygienic st. steel design, high accuracy and low detection limit, simple and fast maintenance due to special membrane, digital, with Memosens technology.
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pH sensor SE 554 Memosens15434124-406.80 Add product to Shopping Basket 
Conductivity sensor SE 604 Memosens15434125-946.80 Add product to Shopping Basket 
Oxygen sensor SE 706 Memosens15434126-2,217.60 Add product to Shopping Basket