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Portable Meter Portavo® 904 Cond

For use either with analog or Memosens sensors.
  • Robust enclosure, protected against strong jets of water; IP 67 / IP 66 protection, high-tensile polymer housing, resistant to impact and chemicals.
  • Extremely flat.
  • Constructed for a firm grip.
  • Smooth membrane keypad.
  • Integrated sensor quiver protects the sensor from drying out.
  • Integrated protective cover protects the display and also serves as benchtop stand.
  • Calimatic automatically recognises the right buffer; safe and clearly guided calibration at the press of a button.
  • 10 buffer sets to choose from.
  • Simultaneous pH- / mV- and temperature display.
  • Automatic device test at power-on.
  • Sensoface sensor monitoring.
  • Temperature detection with automatic recognition of Pt 1000 / NTC 30 kohm.
  • 1000 operating hours on just 4 AA batteries.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Auto switch-off.
  • EMC design.

Digital Memosens sensors: with its good galvanic isolation the Memosens prevents interferences, allowing straightforward and safe measurements even with most difficult potentials. The sensors can be easily handled under adverse conditions - you can even connect them under water.

Most versatile hazardous and safe-area applications, such as in industry, in the lab, for environmental protection, food processing, as well as water or waste-water treatment.
Ambient temperature:- 10 to + 55 °C
Transport- / storage temperature:- 25 to + 70 °C
Relative humidity:0 to 95 %, short-term condensing allowed
Housing material:PA12 GF30 + TPE
Dimensions:approx. 132 x 156 x 30 mm
Weight:approx. 500 g
For conductivity measurement, with integrated data logger. Data can be easily transferred to a computer for analysis using the USB interface and the incl. software.
  • Li-ion battery.
  • Data logger with 5000 values.
  • Micro USB port and Paraly SW 112 software.
  • The mineral glass display is perfectly readable even after years.
  • LCD STN 7 segment display.
  • Memosens sensors and analog sensors can be used on one device.

The data logger:
The meter provides a data logger. Prior to use, it must be configured and then activated. The following logging types can be selected:
  • Manual logging by pressing the softkey.
  • Time-controlled logging at a fixed interval.
  • Signal-controlled logging of measured value and temperature.
  • Combined time- and signal-controlled logging.

The data logger records up to 5000 entries, which can be assigned to different measuring points (TAGs) and annotations.
For technical data see attached PDF!
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