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Accessories for Manual Disperser POLYTRON® PT 1200 E

Adapter for use with dispersing aggregate with C coupling.

St. steel holder
For motor, tabletop power supply, 4 dispersing aggregates and 2 tools. Weight: 0.68 kg.

St. steel plate stand:
Incl. anti-slip mat made of silicone, with height-adjustable holder for the drive and for fastening the base station. Weight: 1 kg.

Carrying case
Snug carrying case for mobile applications or on-site analysis. Protects the drive and the dispersing aggregates from humidity, dust and vibration. Made of PP (anthracite), with feet, continuous hinge, sturdy clip closures and openings for motor, tabletop power supply, cables and 2 aggregates. Dimensions: 350 x 245 x 100 mm / weight (empty): 1.10 kg.
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 Adapter PT-DA / PT-DA (E/C)15433539-on demand
St. steel holder HS 1200 E15433540-on demand
St. steel plate stand ST-P 13/32015433541-on demand
 Carrying case15433542-on demand