Aggregates for Manual Disperser POLYTRON® PT 1200 E

EC standard dispersing aggregate
The universal geometry uses 2 rows of teeth, is suitable for a large spectrum of laboratory applications and it is reliable and efficient.

SYN synthetics disposable aggregate
Disposable aggregates for processing multiple samples per day, where the required sterilisation of st. steel aggregates represents a significant time limitation. Available in PES / Special POM; sterile packaging.

M outside cutting blades
Outside blades pre-crush samples that are larger than the rotor's Ø. Subsequently, they are just dispersed inside the generator.

Z-design aggregate
Breaking up of hard probes, with integrated V-notch technology. Additional, integrated holes for cleaning.

W-design aggregate
The W design prevents fibrous, stringy or solid samples from clogging the aggregate.

B Biotrona high-turbulence mixer
High-turbulence mixing head with the least possible shear forces and energy inputs.

X-design aggregate
A special geometry designed for dispersing tablets and pills or for preventing suppositories from clogging or agglutinating.
Ø x Length
Max. UG
m / s
PUOrder Stock 
EC standard dispersing aggregate PT-DA 03/2EC-E0503 x 500.05 to 2315433526-on demand
EC standard dispersing aggregate PT-DA 05/2EC-E0855 x 850.1 to 5515433527-on demand
EC standard dispersing aggregate PT-DA 07/2EC-E1077 x 1070.3 to 10715433528-Login / Registration
EC standard dispersing aggregate PT-DA 12/2EC-E12312 x 1232 to 2501215433529-on demand
EC standard dispersing aggregate PT-DA 12/2EC-E15712 x 1572 to 2501215433530-on demand
SYN synthetics disposable aggregate 25x PT-DA 07/2SYN-E0827 x 820.3 to 107255433531-on demand
 SYN synthetics disposable aggregate 10x PT-DA 12/2SYN-E12312 x 1232 to 25012105433532-on demand
M outside cutting blades PT-DA 12/2MEC-E15712 x 1572 to 2501215433533-on demand
Z-design aggregate PT-DA 12/2ZMEC-E15712 x 1572 to 2501215433534-on demand
W-design aggregate PT-DA 12/2WEC-E15712 x 1572 to 2501215433535-on demand
B Biotrona high-turbulence mixer PT-DA 07/BEC-E1077 x 10710 to 100715433536-on demand
B Biotrona high-turbulence mixer PT-DA 12/BEC-E15712 x 15750 to 5001215433537-on demand
X-design aggregate PT-DA 20/2XEC-E11620 x 116min. 102115433538-on demand