Manual Disperser POLYTRON® PT 1200 E

Ergonomic homogeniser - this handheld homogeniser is ideal for quick processing of small sample quantities and volumes. The ergonomic design and low weight of the PT 1200 E makes it easy for repeated usages with minimal fatigue.
  • Soft start prevents splashing of homogenate from sample vessel.
  • Thermal fuse for overload protection.
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly design.
  • Aggregate replacement using one-handed quick-release coupling.
  • Various models of dispersing aggregates which are Easy-to-Clean and for many different applications.

General homogenisation applications (dispersion and emulsification), homogenising of tumour tissue sample, for research of diverse tissue diseases, fast dissolving of pills, sugar-coated tablets for quality control purposes, sample preparation for subsequent extraction of pharmaceutical agents (API), cell disruption, RNA / DNA isolation from tissue, dispersion of small quantities from plants, animals or human tissue, solving of solid materials.
Technical Data:
Min. / max. application volume (water):0.05 to 250 ml
Motor input power:100 W
Speed range:stepless up to 25000 min-1
Motor type:universal motor
Supply voltage:90 to 250 V, ± 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz
Speed display:analog scale
Sound level (drive only at 25000 min-1):65 dBA
Max. rel. humidity storage / operating:80 %
Operating ambient temperature:0 to 40 °C
Protection class acc. to DIN:IP 20
Drive dimensions (L x W x H):220 x 44 x 55 mm
Weight (only drive):0.44 kg
Coupling type:E
Standard:IEC 61010, 61326-1
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Aggregates for manual disperser POLYTRON PT 1200 E / Kinematica