macro Pipette Controller

BRAND  macro Pipette Controller
For comfortable and easy pipetting without effort. The unique valve system makes bellows compression easy. With one small sensitive lever, filling and delivery are easily controlled.
  • Precise meniscus adjustment is effortless.
  • A hydrophobic membrane filter protects the macro pipette controller from liquid penetration.
  • The combination of easy to-use controls, light weight (125 g) and relaxed operation makes the macro pipette controller ideal for repetitive pipetting even for inexperienced user.
  • The silicone adapter on the macro pipette controller fits the entire range of volumetric and graduated pipettes, both glass and plastic, from 0.1 to 200 ml.
  • Fully autoclavable at 121 °C acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • With blow-out function.

Items supplied:
Each pipette controller is supplied with a 3 µm spare membrane filter.

Items supplied with BLAUBRAND® pipetting package:
1 macro pipette controller (grey), 6 BLAUBRAND® graduated pipettes, type 2, each 3 x 5 and 10 ml, class AS, with DE-M marking, incl. batch certificate, useful product information (BLAUBRAND® volumetric measuring instruments, handling of pipettes), practical plastic cover for storage of pipettes up to 360 mm length.
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Suction bellow (silicone) with screw ring (PP)grey15428065- 14.15 Add product to Shopping Basket
Adapter silicone, 44 mm length-15428066- 3.10 Add product to Shopping Basket
 macro pipette controllergrey152738672  49.50 Add product to Shopping Basket
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 macro pipette controllergreen15273858- 49.50 Add product to Shopping Basket
BLAUBRAND® pipetting packagegrey15433546-on demand 
 Spare membrane filter, 3 μm-15273868- 4.65 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Spare valve system (PP, PTFE, silicone)-152738601  20.40 Add product to Shopping Basket