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Sample Preparation - Captiva NDLipids

Captiva's dual-depth filtration media provides complete removal of precipitated proteins and outstanding resistance to sample clogging, with no loss of analytes. All Captiva components are ultra clean and rigorously tested to ensure against non-specific binding. With Captiva, plasma samples are processed quickly and reliably. Captiva is easily automated for enhanced productivity and excellent for sample storage.

Time-consuming sample transfer steps required with conventional precipitation are a thing of the past. With Captiva, clean, clear filtrates are ready for injection in minutes - this user-friendly filtration device is simple and streamlined with an easy-to-follow 3-step process. Because Captiva samples are pellet-free, you can sample directly from the collection plate.

The Captiva range includes:
  • Captiva NDLipids non-drip filtration plates for lipid and protein depletion.
  • Captiva 96-well filter plates for general sample filtration.
  • Captiva filter cartridges, all the usual Captiva benefits in a standard SPE cartridge format.
Easy to use. Simple 3-step procedure:
1. Add solvent and plasma.
2. Precipitate.
3. Filter.

Items supplied
Starter kit:

1 CaptiVac vacuum collar, 2 Captiva NDLipids filter plates, 2 Captiva 96 deep-well 1 ml collection plates and 2 Captiva collection plate pierceable covers.

Replacement kit:
As starter kit, without CaptiVac vacuum collar.
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