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PRP-X100 / 110 Polymeric IC-Columns

For the efficient analysis of standard anions in complex matrices.

HAMILTON PRP-X100 and X110 ion exchange columns are the easy way to separate all common inorganic and organic anions. The optimised packing material consists of cross-linked polystyrene-divinylbenzene particles (PSDVB). Trimethylammonium (TMA) anion exchange groups are grafted to the surface of PSDVB. These covalently bound active sites are the reason for the unmatched durability of the Hamilton columns, even if they are used under difficult operating conditions.
The determination of anions in complex or dirty matrices may be performed without elaborative sample preparation due to the optimised particle architecture and the high exchange capacity of about 319 meq / column (4.6 x 250 mm) for PRP-X100 and 185 meq / column (4.6 x 250 mm) for PRP-X110. In addition, a wide range of different applications is addressed by the complementary retention characteristics of both column models.
  • High resolution separation of standard anions in a concentration range of 0.01 and 500 ppm (PRP-X100) resp. 0.02 and 200 ppm (PRP-X110).
  • EPA 300.0 compliance.
  • Carbonate, hydroxide or benzoic acid buffer as well as up to 100 % organic possible.
  • Conductivity detection with and without suppressor.
  • Use in all common IC and standard HPLC systems (compatible with indirect UV detection).
  • pH stability from 1 to 13 - increased lifetime, cleaning under harsh conditions possible.
  • Compatible with complex matrices.
  • High flexibility due to various lengths, Ø and particle sizes.
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 PRP-X1005PEEK4.6 x 250135179181-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1005PEEK4.6 x 150135179174-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1005PEEK2.1 x 150135179852-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1005steel4.1 x 150135179812-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1005steel4.1 x 100135179538-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1005steel4.1 x 50135179810-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1005steel2.1 x 250135179190-Login / Registration
 PRP-X10010PEEK4.6 x 250135179455-Login / Registration
 PRP-X10010PEEK4.6 x 150135179354-Login / Registration
 PRP-X10010steel4.1 x 250135179433-Login / Registration
 PRP-X10010steel4.1 x 150135179434-Login / Registration
 PRP-X10010steel4.1 x 100135179439-Login / Registration
 PRP-X10010steel4.1 x 50135179365-Login / Registration
 PRP-X10010steel2.1 x 250135179346-Login / Registration
 PRP-X10010steel2.1 x 150135179421-Login / Registration
 PRP-X100 PREP12 to 20steel21.5 x 250135179353-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1107PEEK4.6 x 150135179738-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1107steel4.1 x 150135179732-Login / Registration
 PRP-X1107steel4.1 x 250135179734-Login / Registration
 PRP-X110S* EPA 300.07PEEK4.6 x 250135179741-Login / Registration
 PRP-X110S* EPA 300.07steel4.1 x 250135179735-Login / Registration
 PRP-X110S* EPA 300.07steel4.1 x 150135179733-Login / Registration
 PRP-X110S* EPA 300.07PEEK2.1 x 100135179743-Login / Registration
 Guard cartridge holder-PEEK3.0 x 8.0135179477-Login / Registration
 Guard cartridge holder-steel2.3 x 202035132908-Login / Registration
 PRP-X100 guard cartridge, starter kit (1 holder, 2 cartridges)10steel2.3 x 20135179448-Login / Registration
 PRP-X100 guard cartridge, 5 / pack10steel2.3 x 20535179446-Login / Registration
 PRP-X100 PREP guard cartridge, starter kit (1 holder, 1 cartridges)12 to 20steel2.3 x 20135179125-Login / Registration
 PRP-X100 PREP guard cartridge, 2 / pack12 to 20steel2.3 x 20235179126-Login / Registration
 PRP-X110 guard cartridge, starter kit (1 holder, 2 cartridges)12 to 20steel2.3 x 20135179726-Login / Registration
 PRP-X110 guard cartridge, 5 / pack12 to 20steel2.3 x 20535179728-Login / Registration
* Pre-equilibrated in carbonate buffer.
Further sizes on request.