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Ultra Inert Liners

Agilent  Ultra Inert Liners
Agilent Ultra Inert Liners
Agilent ultra inert liners are the perfect companion to Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns. They provide reproducible inertness liner after liner, maintained through a sequence of samples and for a range of analytes. Agilent's ultra inert liners were developed - and are manufactured and certified - using a suite of tests specifically designed to ensure batch-to-batch uniformity.

Only ultra inert liners are delivered in Agilent's exclusive touchless packaging with a pre-cleaned, conditioned and non-stick plasma treated O-ring pre-installed. Touchless packaging aids in removal of the old liner and easy installation of the new, clean, preconditioned liner- without risk of contamination from touching.
  • Exceptional batch-to-batch liner uniformity.
  • Low to no bleed or background contamination.
  • Superior coverage, allowing use of glass wool even with higher active compounds.
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