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LyoCube LSCplus

LyoCube - user-friendly front-loader for freeze dryers LSC series.
  • Fast loading avoids sample melting.
  • Almost all container sizes and shapes useable.
  • Rectangular st. steel chamber with front door for easy handling.
  • Retrofit of existing freeze dryers of ALPHA LSC series possible.
  • Basic configuration with 5 shelves.
  • Approx. 0.4 m2 shelf area, distance 54.4 mm.
  • Insert can be completely removed, e. g. for cleaning.
  • Individual shelves can also be removed, e. g. for higher vessels.

Items supplied with package:
  • 1 x LyoCube, acrylic glass door.
  • 1 x LyoBaseFrame.
  • 5 shelves, distancer between shelves 54.4 mm.
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