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Biosolve B. V. 

Biosolve B. V.
ULC / MS Solvents

ULC / MS UR grade solvents for the demanding analysis, especially for the high-resolution UHPLC with Agilent RR 1200, Waters UPLC and similar systems. ecommended by the manufacturers, proven in the analytics.
  • Microfiltered < 0,1 µm.
  • Evaporation residues min. < 1 ppm.
  • Low gradient drift.
  • Lowest ionic background.
  • The stability of the linearity at UV wavelengths increases in comparison to classic LC-MC solvents.
  • Without annoying 'plasticisers'.
  • Germ-free and apyrogenic.
  • Stable base line.
  • Higher reproducibility.
  • Reduce the optimisation efforts.
  • The detection signals are more reliable.
  • They reduce the costs thanks to longer operating times: less contamination and blockages; and avoid misinterpretations.
  • Uniformity of product batches:
Inert bottling with new packaging technology, stable shelf life; quality assurance / control per bottle.
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