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Accessories for Double Beam Spectrophotometers UV / VIS Libra S60 / S70 / S80

 DescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Built in printer accessory for standalone instrument*1F4250424-on demand
 Test tube holder for test tubes with Ø 10 to 24 mm1F4250421-on demand
 Water thermostatted cell holder1F4250414-on demand
Automatic 8 cell changer, non thermostatted1F4250411-on demand
Automatic 5 cell changer, water thermostatted1F4250419-on demand
 Variable pathlength cell holder, 1 to 100 mm1F4250416-on demand
 Resolution CFR PC software1F4250428-on demand
* Also suitable for S50 / S50 PC photometers.