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Package Pirani Controller CVC 3000 for Rotary Vane Pumps RE / Z 2.5, RE / Z 6, RE / Z 9

Vacuum control in the fine vacuum range up to 10-3 mbar. Complete package for rotary vane pumps with small flange connections DN 16 and DN 25.

The CVC 3000 manages the vacuum process by controlling a vacuum valve. The solenoid-operated valve VV-B 15C which is included in the package is driven by the controler and allows for a vacuum control via cyclic opening and closing. The menu-based control concept with graphical display and rotary knob is nearly self-explanatory. Communication with connected components takes place via bus control VACUU·BUS®. The bus control is largely self-configuring, so that different components are detected, configured and controlled by the vacuum controller automatically. No risk of confusing components. Chemically very resistant plug-in connections acc. to IP 67 allow for connecting almost any number of components.

Items supplied:
  • Vacuum controller CVC 3000.
  • External Pirani sensor VSP 3000.
  • Stand.
  • Mains power supply.
  • Electromagnetic vacuum valve VV-B 15C.
  • T-piece.
  • Hose nozzle and connecting pieces (clamping- and eccentric rings) matching the KF connections each.
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Package Pirani controller CVC 3000 for pumps RE / Z 2.5, RE / Z 615426683-on demand 
Package Pirani controller CVC 3000 for pump RE / Z 915426684-on demand
Supplied without pump.