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Digital Biological Microscope BA310

Advanced digital, upright biological microscope. For the rigors of daily routine work specifically for diverse applications in haematology and cytology. Focus on every microscope detail.
  • Built-in 3.0 MP sensor with live USB 2.0 output.
  • Powerful adjustable light source to meet both delicate and detailed lighting requirements for all sample types.
  • Fully featured Koehler illumination helps in highlighting even the weakest stained specimens.
  • Computer needs built-in USB 2.0 port.
  • Windows XP or Vista.
  • Macintosh OSX.
  • Intel Centrino is recommended.
  • Motic Images Plus application software for PC and MAC.
  • Objective revolver 5 x, backward.
  • Ergonomic, coaxial coarse- and fine focus.
  • Built-in coated XY table with coaxial force (right hand operation), working range 76 x 50 mm.
  • Stand with left- or right hand operation available.
  • Binocular tube, Siedentopf type, with integrated 3 MP camera for a fast image capture with subsequent evaluation.
  • Widefield retractable eyepieces N-WF 10 x / 20 mm, incl. eyecup with diopter adjustments on both oculars.
  • CCIS EF-N Plan Achromat objecives EF-N PL 4 x, 10 x, 40 x (suspended), 100 x (suspended / oil).
  • Incl. calibration standard, blue filter (Ø 45mm), immersion oil (5 ml), mains cable, allen wrench, dust cover.
Technical Data:
Tubes:30° viewing angle
55 to 75 mm interpupillary distance
large field of view with 20 mm
built-in digital with 80/20 light split; 3.0 MP live output imaging sensor through USB 2.0 cord
Illumination:adjustable Halogen illumination 6 V / 30 W, mains supply 100 to 240 V, VDE-plug (CE)
Condenser:Abbe condenser, NA 0.9 / 1.25, can be focused and centred, with iris diaphragm and slot for sliders, Full Koehler
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