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Secura® Analytical- and Precision Balances

Items supplied:
Universal AC adapter, protective cover for operation, application guide, dust cover for analytical balances, wind shield ring with 0.1 mg balances.
AC adapter
Sartorius AC adapter module:

6971790 with interchangeable country-specific plug-in AC adapters
100 to 240 V~, ± 10 %, 50 to 60 Hz, 0.2 A
15 Vdc, ± 5 %, 530 mA (max.) / 8 W (max.): 0 to + 40 °C
15 Vdc, ± 5 %, 330 mA (max.) / 5 (max.): 0 to + 50 °C
Protection class:class II, in accordance with IEC 60950-1 up to 3000 m above sea level; IP40 as per IEC 60529
Power supply:

only via Sartorius AC adapter module 6971790
Input voltage:
Power consumption:
12.0 to 18.0 Vdc
2 W (typically)
Ambient conditions

for indoor use only
Ambient temperature:
Operational capacity:
10 to 30 °C
guaranteed between 5 to 45 °C
Storage and shipping:
- 10 to + 60 °C
up to 3000 m above sea level
Rel. humidity:15 to 80 % for temperatures up to 31 °C, non-condensing, decreasing linearly to 50 %, rel. humidity at 40 °C and 20 % at 50 °C
Safety of electrical equipment:acc. to IEC 61010-1 safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 1: general requirements
Electromagnetic compatibility:acc. to IEC 61326-1, electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - EMC requirements - Part 1: general requirements
Defined immunity to interference:suitable for use in industrial areas
Interference emission:class B
Easy, reliable weighing in regulated areas, improved results.
  • Temporary blockage of data transfer to a printer or a computer when uncertain weighing results are detected.
  • LevelControl: intelligent, optoelectronic levelling sensor with alarm function and interactive user guidance for reliable levelling.
  • SQmin: monitoring of compliance with the USP min. sample weight limits.
  • isoCAL: fully automatic temperature- and time-controlled internal calibration and adjustment.
  • Cal Audit Trail: storage of all data of calibration procedures.
  • Mini USB interface.
  • Automatic recognition of Sartorius printer models YDP30 and YDP40.
  • Direct data transfer to Microsoft® Windows programmes.
  • Programmable interval for data output.
  • Data transfer protocols SBI, xBPI, table format, text format.
  • Password protection of set-up settings.
  • Display: touchscreen.
Technical Data:
Weighing chamber height:

209 mm (only models 124 to 613)
Weight:5.1 kg (models 124 to 613)
5.2 kg (models 1102 to 6102)
 TypeReadabilityWeighing range
Weighing pan Ø
Verified for use
in legal metrology
PUOrder No.in Stock  
 Secura® analytical balance 124-1S0.1 mg12090360 x 216 x 320no15433461-Login / Registration
 Secura® analytical balance 124-1CEU0.1 mg12090360 x 216 x 320yes15433462-Login / Registration
 Secura® analytical balance 224-1S0.1 mg22090360 x 216 x 320no15433459-Login / Registration
 Secura® analytical balance 224-1CEU0.1 mg22090360 x 216 x 320yes15433460-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 213-1S0.001 g210120360 x 216 x 320no15433467-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 213-1CEU0.001 g210120360 x 216 x 320yes15433468-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 313-1S0.001 g310120360 x 216 x 320no15433465-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 313-1CEU0.001 g310120360 x 216 x 320yes15433466-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 513-1S0.001 g510120360 x 216 x 320no15433463-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 513-1CEU0.001 g510120360 x 216 x 320yes15433464-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 613-1S0.001 g610120360 x 216 x 320no15437536-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 613-1CEU0.001 g610120360 x 216 x 320yes15437537-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 612-1S0.01 g610180360 x 216 x 95no15437538-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 612-1CEU0.01 g610180360 x 216 x 95yes15437539-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 1102-1S0.01 g1100180360 x 216 x 95no15433475-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 1102-1CEU0.01 g1100180360 x 216 x 95yes15433476-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 2102-1S0.01 g2100180360 x 216 x 95no15433473-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 2102-1CEU0.01 g2100180360 x 216 x 95yes15433474-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 3102-1S0.01 g3100180360 x 216 x 95no15433471-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 3102-1CEU0.01 g3100180360 x 216 x 95yes15433472-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 5102-1S0.01 g5100180360 x 216 x 95no15433469-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 5102-1CEU0.01 g5100180360 x 216 x 95yes15433470-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 6102-1S0.01 g6100180360 x 216 x 95no15437542-Login / Registration
 Secura® precision balance 6102-1CEU0.01 g6100180360 x 216 x 95yes15437543-Login / Registration
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