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Eppendorf PCR clean

ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.® SealMax

The violet-white filter of ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.® SealMax filter tips combines reliable protection from pipette contamination by the sample with almost 100 % protection against aerosols* and biomolecules. The Dualfilter closes immediately when it comes into contact with the over-pipetted sample - avoids contamination of valuable material. Additional drops and spills are retained by the white layer; the violet layer protects as a second barrier against sample fluids.
  • PCR clean.
  • Sterile.
  • Pyrogen-free.
  • Reliable protection against fluids.
  • Reliable protection against aerosoles* and biomolecules.
  • Free from PCR inhibitor additives.
  • Protects the pipette against aggressive fluids in the case of over-pipetting.
  • Package: 10 x 96 tips.
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 0.1 to 10 μl S9605437312-Login / Registration
 0.5 to 20 μl L9605437313-Login / Registration
 2 to 100 μl96054373141 Login / Registration
 2 to 200 μl9605437315-Login / Registration
 20 to 300 μl9605437316-Login / Registration
 50 to 1000 μl96054373172 Login / Registration
* Aerosol particles and ambient air or dispersion of solid or liquid parts (= particles) in a gas, normally air.