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Accessories for EBI 25 Wireless System

Evaluation on the PC

Basic version for local PC usage.
  • Single PC solution: the basic version for easy measurement data evaluation on a single PC - no network required.
  • Flexible alarm management: graphic and email alarm notifications upon user defined conditions.
  • Connection to the IF 400 via USB.

Professional version internet and local network based use.
  • Web based client / server solution: the measurement data can be evaluated on all PCs and smartphones via the internet or connected to the local network.
  • Very flexible and wide alarm management: alarm notifications upon user defined conditions, alarm notification via email; visual and audible alarm via the graphical user interface.
  • Connection of the interface IF 400 via USB and Ethernet.
  • CFR 21 Part 11 data security functionality.
  • Management of larger data sets.
  • IQ / OQ documentation available.
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 Evaluation software Winlog.wavesingle-user version15429835-Login / Registration
 Evaluation software Winlog.webweb-based server version15429836-Login / Registration
Interface EBI IF 400incl. antenna for EBI 2515429837-Login / Registration
Bracket for EBI 25type AG 15215422200-Login / Registration