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DWK Life Sciences
Stainless Steel Shipping Bottle, UN-Approved Packaging

The unbreakable DURAN Group steel bottle is ideal for the storage and safe shipping of dangerous liquid goods such as solvents, and reagents, without the need for additional protective outer packaging*. Manufactured from corrosion resistant AISI Type 316 L (1.4404) st. steel and hygienically constructed with all welded seams.
  • The bottle has a smooth inner surface finish that corresponds to IIIc (DIN 17441) with rounded inner edges for ease of cleaning.
  • Polished and brushed durable exterior finish.
  • The bottle has a special thread (45 mm) with a built-in pouring lip.
  • Supplied complete with st. steel screw cap and PTFE surfaced platinum-catalysed silicone liner and UN certification mark and code.
  • Recommended applications: container for the shipping of hazardous or non-hazardous liquids, storage or shipping of precious liquids, such as high purity fine chemicals, pharmaceutical or cosmetic products, storage of light sensitive liquids.
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* Certified to UN standards for the carriage of liquids classified as dangerous goods in UN packing Groups II (medium danger) and III (low danger). It is suitable for liquids with a relative density of 2.0 or less.
International regulations are subject to change, it is the userás responsibility for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.