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Straw Labels B-427 Vinyl Material

  • For laboratory labelling system LABXPERT.
  • Pliable and durable.
  • Designed to wrap around and adhere to small diameter curved surfaces, such as straws.
  • A clear "tail" wraps over the text for added protection.

  • Liquid nitrogen (- 196 °C): Not suitable for use on glass in liquid nitrogen.
  • Freezer (- 80 °C): Not suitable for high temperature applications.
(W x H)
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 Labels for straw rod27.94 x 6.355005040482-Login / Registration
 Straw labels B-427 for LABXPERT, small, 44.45 x 9.53 mm44.45 x 25.401755040483-Login / Registration
 Straw labels B-427 for LABXPERT, large, 44.45 x 12.70 mm44.45 x 38.101755040484-Login / Registration