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Wall Dispensers plus

  • With arm lever operation.
  • Control lever in 2 different lengths.
  • Aluminium housing autoclavable.
  • Plastic pump: simple and quick cleaning due to front removal.
  • Incl. flexible sealing cap prevents evaporation.
  • Adjustable dosing from approx. 1.5 / 1.0 / 0.7 ml depending on viscosoty of the filling material.
  • Additional 2 exchangeable clips (disinfection / washing lotion).
  • Suitable for all standard 500 and 1000 ml bundles.
 TypeFor dispenser
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 Wall dispenser ELS plus, plastics50015433153-Login / Registration
 Wall dispenser TLS plus, plastics100015433152-Login / Registration
 Wall dispenser ELS plus, st. steel50045439471-Login / Registration
 Wall dispenser TLS plus, st. steel100045439472-Login / Registration
Other dispensers and accessories, such as trip tray, locking plate and signal-frame are available on request.
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