Cell Culture Flasks, 300 cm2

The 300 cm2 cell culture flask is the biggest cell culture flask with 1900 ml total volume, providing the largest culture area of any single-layer flask on the market. Cell culture treated to deliver an uniform surface chemistry for promoting cell attachment and expanded growth.
  • Vacuum-gas plasma tissue-culture treated PS for uniform surface chemistry, cell attachment, spreading and promoting cell growth.
  • Blow-molded, one-piece design with straight neck and molded grip notches.
  • Quick volume estimation and sample identification.
  • With bold printed graduations and large writing patch.
  • Maintains optimal sterility during growth and passage: filter cap incorporates a 0.2 µm pore size, hydrophobic membrane that allows gas exchange while maintaining sterility.
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation, non-pyrogenic.
  • Easy to stack: prominent stacking feet on upper surface facilitate reliable stacking in incubators and under a culture hood.
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