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AQUARIUS* Folded Hand Towel Dispensers Standard

Our unique patented overfill prevention device for folded products means less jamming and wastage, minimising costs.
  • Dispensers are designed with no dirt or dust traps.
  • Highly sustainable, compact design, less plastic, using less wall space.
  • Patented overfill device.
  • Stylish viewing window: easy to see when needs refilling.
  • Concealed locking mechanism: lockable, with or without key, easy to maintain and controls costs.
  • Dispenser cover conceals the backplate: no joins to collect dirt or dust.
Made of impact-resistant plastic, white with window.
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AQUARIUS* folded hand towel dispenser standardsmall159 x 287 x 14215433123-Login / Registration
AQUARIUS* folded hand towel dispenser standardfor towels with 25 cm width407 x 317 x 14715433122-Login / Registration