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BioDrop Split-Beam UV / VIS Spectrophotometers

PC- or touchscreen controlled photometers with specialised life science solutions for a wide range of applications like PCR, QPCR, SiRNA or DNA microarrays. Split beam optics with long life xenon lamp sources. Incl. BioDrop Resolution Life Science software for optional PC use and USB interface for data / method storage.
  • < 5 s measurement of your sample.
  • High resolution, colour touchscreen.
  • Easy-to-use on board software incl. pre-programmed methods.
  • Min. sample volume of as little as 0.5 µl (BioDrop µLITE and DUO).
  • Robust and easy to clean.

Fields of application:
Life science, advanced QC, educational.

BioDrop µLITE:
Dedicated micro-volume photometer. Fast and accurate measurements of as little as 0.5 µl through the integrated micro-volume sample port.

BioDrop DUO:
Combination of the µLITEás micro-volume sample port and the TOUCHás standard cuvette holder. Designed for max. flexibility when performing assays where a broad range of concentrations need to be measured.

Highly accurate and reliable micro-volume measurements of very small quantities of DNA, RNA, oligos and protein. Provides the capability to do micro-volume measurements using the current laboratory spectrophotometer.
Technical Data:
Wavelength range:190 to 1100 nm
Photometric measuring range:- 0.3 to + 2.5 A
Light source:pulsed Xenon lamp
Optical system:1024 element CCD array
Spectral bandwidth:5 nm
Dimensions:420 x 260 x 185 mm
Mains supply:90 to 265 V, 50 / 60 Hz, max. 50 VA
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Spectrophotometer BioDrop DUO1F4250515-on demand
Spectrophotometer BioDrop μLITE1F4250520-on demand
Micro-volume cell BioDrop CUVETTE 5001F4250530-on demand