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PE Stoppers

The stoppers have an ergonomic grip that especially makes the opening and closing of volumetric flasks, mixing cylinders and reagent bottles easier and more secure.

For optimal flask sealing the tapered bodies of the stoppers have moulded ridges. Coloured inserts in the different sizes of stoppers allow the easy identification of the corresponding ground (NS / TS) neck size. The colour identification system used for the inserts is identical to that used for the Keck™ interchangeable glassware clips.
  • The batch certificates are available online.
  • You will find the production clock on the underside of the stopper.
  • Temperature resistant: - 40 to + 80 °C.
 NSColour insertOverall
stopper top
Flask size
PUOrder No.in Stock 
 7/16blue2829.5 x 17.51, 2, 5, 10105437430-Login / Registration
 10/19green3232.5 x 205 W*, 10 W*, 20, 25105437431-Login / Registration
 12/21violet3536.5 x 2250, 100105437432-Login / Registration
 14/23yellow3840 x 25100 W*, 200, 250105437433-Login / Registration
 19/26blue4244.5 x 31500105437434-Login / Registration
 24/29green4651.5 x 3810001054374351 Login / Registration
 29/32red5061 x 45.51000 W*, 20001054374361 Login / Registration
 34/35orange5471 x 54.5500015437437-Login / Registration
 45/40brown6081.5 x 65.51000, 200015437438-Login / Registration
* W = wide mouth.