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Combisart® Filter Manifold Systems, Stainless Steel

St. steel manifold 1.4301 (acc. to B.S.304S31|AISI 304), accommodates any type of vacuum funnel. St. steel three-way valves (taps) allow the vacuum for each filter holder to be individually controlled and each holder to be sterilely vented. The low height of the manifold ports is particularly advantageous for working on a clean bench. In each set st. steel funnels with lids are preassembled.
  • Sterile venting of each membrane after filtration.
  • Sterilisation acc. to ISO 8199.
  • Special polished st. steel surfaces allow easy cleaning and rinsing.
  • Easy pouring out of non-filterable samples.
  • Equally easy for right- and left-handed users.
  • Max. flexibility due to different set-ups.
Technical Data:
Max. operating pressure:vacuum or max. 2 bar (29 psi) pressure
Inlets:TR 20 + 2 female threads
Outlet:hose nipple, DN 10
Sterilisation:autoclaving (max. 134 °C), dry heat (max. 180 °C)
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 1-branch stainless steel manifold1 x 100 ml15433039-Login / Registration 
 1-branch stainless steel manifold1 x 500 ml15433040-Login / Registration 
 3-branch stainless steel manifold3 x 100 ml15433041-Login / Registration
 3-branch stainless steel manifold3 x 500 ml15433042-Login / Registration
 6-branch stainless steel manifold6 x 100 ml15433044-Login / Registration
 6-branch stainless steel manifold6 x 500 ml15433043-Login / Registration