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Bench Top Centrifuge ROTOFIX 32 A

The ROTOFIX 32 A is a rugged, versatile and indispensable centrifuge for routine laboratory tasks in doctors' practices and small hospitals. But not only is the ROTOFIX 32 A ideally equipped for tasks in clinical chemistry, it can also play a vital role in cytology. This versatile centrifuge can handle a lot more than medical applications. With its wide variety of accessories, the ROTOFIX 32 A can also be used for the preparation of samples in industrial and research laboratories. Tubes that are suitable for chrome bath testing are also available.
Technical Data:
Max. RCF:4226
Max. RPM (speed):6000 min-1
Max. capacity:4 x 100 ml (swing-out rotor)
6 x 85 ml (angle rotor)
Dimensions (H x W x D):257 x 366 x 430 mm
Weight:approx. 23 kg
Refrigeration:air cooling
Mains supply:220 V
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