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Automatic Drying- and Incineration Systems prepASH® Series 340

The prepASH® 340 series is a thermo-gravimetric analyser (macro TGA) consisting of a muffle furnace combined with an analytical balance and advanced software using a touchscreen user interface. In one working cycle, up to 29 specimens and a reference pan are ashed fully automatically, monitored and results are recorded within a wide temperature range of 50 to 1000 °C.

Weighing curves are recorded over time for each individual test sample. This permits automatic end-point determination and control during the entire drying and ashing process. It determines moisture and ash values automatically and produces up to 80 % savings in workload and costs. The prepASH® provides higher precision and reproducibility of the results through considerable improvements of manual procedures.
  • Fully automatic thermo-gravimetrical analysis with end-point recognition replaces drying oven and muffle furnace.
  • Freely programmable temperature profile and various stop-modes mean that each cycle can be specifically adapted to the sampleundergoing test.
  • Selectable atmosphere (N2, O2), exhaust option for measure sulphate-ash.
  • Monitoring: remote on PC via network, acoustic and alarm output for external control.
  • 5.7" VGA colour display, keyboard with touchscreen.
  • Unlimited memory capacity of methods and measured values.
  • RS232-, USB interface, ethernet, alarm output.
  • Calibration of balance and temperature possible.

Items supplied:
Complete TGA system incl. everything to start analysis: TGA unti, built-in terminal, software and consumables for initial installation and crucibles.
Technical Data:
Weighing range:120 g
Readability:0.1 mg
Min. sample weight:0.1 g
Temperature range:50 to 1000 °C (± 2 %)
Max. programme steps:10
Max. total analysis time:36 h
Auto stop:0.1 to 100 mg / min, mg / 30 min, mg / 60 min
Dimensions (H x W x D):620 x 590 x 580 mm
Height with cover opened:980 mm
Weight:100 kg
Mains supply:230 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Interfaces:RS232, USB, Ethernet
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 prepASH® 2292935 standard crucibles15432861-Login / Registration
 prepASH® 2191925 standard crucibles15432862-Login / Registration
 prepASH® 2121215 large crucibles and adapter15432863-Login / Registration
Free of charge prepDATA communication software is available on request.
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