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WAVE Maxi Electroblotting Systems

The WAVE Maxi complete electroblotting system provides all necessary components for performing transfers from vertical slab gels.
  • Interchangeable modular inserts combine vertical PAGE with electro-transfer using the same universal tank and lid.
  • Multi-transfer capability for up to 4 WAVE Maxi gels, 8 omniPAGE Mini Wide and 16 omniPAGE Mini gels.
  • Complete flexibility with power settings as experimental needs dictate: perform overnight transfer at voltages as low as 35 V; and rapid, high-intensity transfers at 200 V in 1 to 2 h.
  • Standard insert with platinum wire electrodes 8 cm apart for increased capacity; and a high intensity insert with plate electrodes 4cm apart for transfer rapidity.
  • Detachable cooling coil, which connects to the laboratory water supply or a recirculating chiller, prevents buffer depletion to allow overnight transfers and fast high-intensity blots, and maintains the low temperatures important for protein stability during native transfers.
  • Open design, rigid cassettes maximise current transfer and eliminate 'shadow band' formation.
  • Colour-coded cassettes prevent polarity reversal.

WAVE high-intensity transfer system:
Combine the cooling capacity of wet submarine blotting units with the speed of semi-dry transfer systems. Both systems utilise plate electrodes to create a higher strength electric field and greater current density than conventional wire-electrode systems. This allows transfer of broad range molecular weight proteins to be achieved typically in 1 to 2 h using the WAVE Blot System.
  • Plate-electrodes 4 cm apart in WAVE Sub Blot system for transfer of one Maxi gel.
  • Open design, rigid cassettes maximise gel-to-membrane compression for efficient current transfer; colour-coded to prevent polarity reversal.
Technical Data:
Max. gel size:17.5 x 18 cm (active gel dimensions)
Gel capacity:4 x WAVE Maxi gels (standard blotting insert)
1 x WAVE Maxi gel (high-intensity blotting insert)
Electrode type:platinum wire (standard blotting insert)
platinum-coated titanium and st. steel (high-intensity blotting insert)
Outer tank buffer volume:5.3 l working volume to 6.4 l max.
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