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Hellma® Analytics
Cylindrical Cells for Polarimetric Measurements in the UV-Range

Technical Data:
Wavelength range:200 to 2500 nm
Optical material:quartz SUPRASIL®
 Light path
Filling volume
DescriptionOutside dimens­ions
(D x Ø)
Inside Ø
PUOrder No.in Stock 
0.1160with 2 ports and PTFE stoppers20 x 221315432770-Login / Registration
1280with 2 ports and PTFE stoppers20 x 221315432771-Login / Registration
1280with PTFE stopper3.5 x 221915432772-Login / Registration
102800with PTFE stopper12.5 x 221915432773-Login / Registration
5014000with 2 PTFE stoppers52.5 x 221915432774-Login / Registration
10028000with 2 PTFE stoppers102.5 x 221915432775-Login / Registration