VISOCOLOR® ECO presents a product group of colorimetric and titrimetric test kits which avoids hazardous substances wherever possible. With VISOCOLOR® ECO even water constituents with low limiting values can be determined with sufficient accuracy. All test kits are packed in an environment-friendly box and contain easy to understand instructions in 6 languages.
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 Ammonium 3 test kit5054290272 Login / Registration
 Iron 2 test kit15429029-Login / Registration
 Total hardness test kit110542903016 Login / Registration
 Silica test kit805429031-Login / Registration
 Nickel test kit1505429032-Login / Registration
 Nitrate test kit1105429033-Login / Registration
 Nitrite test kit12054290341 Login / Registration
 Phosphate test kit805429035-Login / Registration
 Sulphite test kit154290364 Login / Registration
 Ammonium 3 refill set5054290376 Login / Registration
 Chlorine 2 refill set1505429038-Login / Registration
 Nitrate refill set1105429039-Login / Registration
 Nitrite refill set120542904028 Login / Registration
 Phosphate refill set805429041-Login / Registration
Further VISOCOLOR® ECO tests are available on request.