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Anotop® 10 Syringe Filters

Universal solution for numerous filtration applications. Can be used with most organic solvents and aqueous materials. The distinctive hexagonal housing is manufactured from pigment-free PP to eliminate sample contamination. No wetting agents or adhesives are used in the manufacturing process.

Anotop® syringe filters contain the proprietary aluminium based Anopore® membrane.
  • 10 mm Ø.
  • Inorganic membrane.
  • Capillary pore structure.
  • Low protein binding.
  • Non-cytotoxic.
  • Low extractable materials.
  • Filters sample volume up to 10 ml.
  • Low hold-up volume < 20 µl ensures max. sample recovery.
Filtration area:0.78 cm2
Max. pressure:6.9 bar
Volume Hold-Upá:< 20 µl
Membrane Ø:10 mm
Membrane type:Anopore®
Average membrane thickness:60 µm
Device (W x L):15.4 x 18.5 mm
Construction process:thermal weld
Inlet connection:female luer lock
Outlet connection:male luer
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