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Filter Circles Multigrade GMF 150

Multilayer glass microfiber filter with a coarse top layer (10 µm) meshed with a finer layer of 1.0 µm. Manufactured from 100 % borosilicate glass microfiber, the filter is binder free. It is the ideal prefilter for higher particulate loading capacity with faster flow rates.

In application, the GMF 150 traps larger particles in the pores or on the surface of the coarse layer while the medium sized particles are caught in the interface meshing. The smaller particles are netted in the interstices of the fine layer.
  • Higher particulate loading capacity.
  • Faster flow rate.
  • Extended life of filter.
  • Multiple porosities, greater filtration efficiency.
Particle retention in liquid:1.2 µm
Air flow:3.1 s / 100 ml / in2
Typical thickness:730 µm
Basis weight:139 g / m2
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Particle retention rating at 98 % efficiency.