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Nylon Membranes

High-quality nylon membranes are suitable for filtering aqueous solutions and most organic solvents. The membranes are suitable for use with a wide range of biological preparations and can be used where other membranes are unsuitable or difficult to use. They are hydrophilic, eliminating the need for wetting agents that could be extracted when filtering aqueous solutions. The membranes are flexible, durable and tear resistant and can be autoclaved at 135 °C.

Filtration of aqueous and organic mobile phases, vacuum degassing, filtration of tissue culture media, microbiological media, buffers and solutions.
Thickness:150 to 187 µm
Fiber releasing:no
Water flow rate at 0.35 bar:> 50 ml / min
Bubble point:2.7 to 3.3 bar
Max. temperature:135 °C
Protein binding:high
Solvent resistance:good
Pore size
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