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GE Healthcare Puradisc™ Syringe Filters

Ideal for the quick, efficient filtration of samples up to 100 ml volume. Puradisc™ filters are produced from pigment-free PP or PC with standard inlet (female luer lock) and outlet (male luer) connections (unless otherwise stated). - Choice of membrane or glass microfibre filter media. - Choice of filter sizes (4 to 30 mm) to minimise sample loss. - Sterile option for critical applications. - Wide range of membranes. Puradisc™ 4: - 4 mm Ø syringe filter. - Sample volume up to 2 ml. - Low hold-up volume < 10 μl ensures max. sample recovery. - Applications: HPLC samples containing low solid content - filtration will improve column life, CE (capillary electrophoresis) samples - filtration will eliminate spurious peaks, sterile filtration of low volume samples, UV / Vis samples - filter directly into cuvette using tube tip, refractometry - filter samples to prevent damage to instrument optics and improve accuracy of results, minimising non-specific binding to membrane (due to small membrane size). Puradisc™13: - 13 mm Ø syringe filter. - Sample volume up to 10 ml. - Low hold-up volume < 25 μl ensures max. sample recovery. - Applications: biological sample preparation, HPLC sample preparation. Puradisc™ 25: - 25 mm Ø syringe filter. - Sample volume up to 100 ml. - Low hold-up volumes for max. sample recovery. - Applications: HPLC aqueous sample preparation, biological sample preparation, buffer solutions, salt solutions, tissue culture media, irrigation solutions, sterile isolation. Puradisc™ FP 30: - 30 mm Ø. - Larger filtration area. - Designed for aqueous samples. - Applications: filtration of protein-containing solutions with min. protein loss (CA membrane), removal of cellular constituents from solution.
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 Puradisc™ 4PVDF40.451005428797-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ 13PVDF130.21005428798-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ 13PTFE130.25005428799-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ 13PTFE130.11005428800-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ 25Nylon250.2505428796-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ 25PTFE250.2505428801-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ 25PTFE251.0505428802-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ 25PP250.45505428803-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ 25PP250.452005428804-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ FP 13*, sterileRC130.2505428747-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ FP 30CA300.8505428741-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ FP 30CA301.2505428744-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ FP 30, sterileCA301.2505428743-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ FP 30, sterilePTFE300.2505428745-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ FP 30CN3055005428746-Login / Registration
 Puradisc™ FP 30, sterileRC300.45505428748-Login / Registration
* With MiniTip outlet.