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MBS II Filter System

Microbiological filtration system for high-throughput filtration for pharmaceuticals. The MBS II combines both membrane and funnel in one ready-to-use filtration unit, eliminating time-intensive sterilisation procedures. Once a sample has been filtered through an MBS II unit, the membrane can be easily transferred to an agar plate. This simple handling process ensures reproducible results and minimal risk of cross-contamination.
  • Easy handling: ready-to-use filtration units eliminate complicated sterilisation procedures.
  • With no need to sterilise between samples, testing time can be reduced by 50 %.
  • Unit is compatible with all agar and Petri dish formats.
  • No flaming required.
  • Sample is protected by a vented lid during filtration, ensuring sterility and safety.
  • Closed system filtration unit reduces the chance of external error.
  • 2-place vacuum module can be connected to 4- or 6-place manifolds.
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 MBS II filter systemnitrocellulose, 0.45 μm, white, black grid245428626-Login / Registration
 MBS II filter systemnitrocellulose, 0.45 μm, black, white grid24005428627-Login / Registration
 MBS II filter systemcellulose mixed ester, 0.2 μm, white, black grid245428628-Login / Registration