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Battery Pump Set B1

Electrical laboratory pumps in PP and st. steel, battery-powered. Proven technology of the sealless pump tube. Liquids cannot be contaminated and the pump can run dry for a short time without being damaged. Pump is constructed for applications where small liquid amounts from small vessels with narrow openings have to be transferred.
  • User-friendly.
  • Motor can be easily detached from the pump tube and can be recharged in the battery charger: allows to operate several pump tubes in different vessels with just one drive unit.
  • The battery charger either can be used as table unit or can be mounted onto the wall.
  • Ergonomical design, easy and convenient handling.
  • Motor complies with all security regulations, has a long service life and is running ultra quiet.
  • Battery capacity is sufficient for a daily filling demand in laboratories.
  • Pump offers an optimal complete drum drainage.
  • The infinitely variable speed controller allows an easy and safe filling of small liquid amounts.
  • Lightweight PP pumps, drive shaft from Hastelloy: high chemical resistance.
  • The pumps are also suitable for filling acids and alkalis.

Items supplied:
The splashproof pump is offered as a complete set with battery-powered motor, pumping station made of PP Ø 25 mm, 1.5 m PVC hose DN 12 and hose nozzle in different immersion lengths from 500, 700 and 1000 mm. The pump thus can be used for different vessels like small canisters up to 200 l drums. Please order charger separately.
Technical Data:
Pump shaft:Hastelloy
Pumping quantity (with full battery power):16 l / min
Delivery height:8 m WS
Viscosity:200 mPas
Density:1.3 kg / dm3
Pumping media temperature:0 to 40 °C
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